Homemade Pickles Cucumber
(Cucumis sativus)

Our growing and taste results for the Homemade Pickles cucumber are provided below.

For more detailed step by step instructions for growing the Homemade Pickles cucumber, visit our growing cucumbers page.

Taste: Tasty, Sm seed cavity, not real juicy (Rebecca), sweet, not bitter, excellent, crunchy.

Yield: 36/mound

Days to Maturity: 52 (EF), 55 (SC)

Fruit Production: Monoecious

Seed Type:
Open Pollinated (SC)

Plant Size*

  • Height: 8-12 in. (20-30 cm).
  • Width:  6 ft (1.8 m)

Starting Seed Outdoors:

  • Planting depth:  1 inch
  • Seed spacing:  8-10 in. between each seed in a single mound.
  • Plant seeds in garden when soil temperature reaches:
    60 - 90˚F. Using mounds raises soil temperature earlier.

Planting Bed Specs:

  • Mound Size: 3 - 4 feet diameter
  • Mound spacing: 2+ feet, edge to edge.  You need to give yourself enough space to walk so you aren't walking on the mounds.  If you have to use the minimum mound size and spacing, you'll probably be tip toeing over your cucumber vines by mid August.

Starting Seed Indoors*:

  • Planting depth:  1 inch
  • Seeds/cup:  2
  • Plant indoors 3-4 weeks prior to date you move into garden in your area. 
  • Note: Only do this if you have a short growing season.  Cucumbers shock if transplanted.
Light Requirements:

Full Sun

Bloom Color:

Water frequently and lightly.  Plant in mounds to improve drainage.  To prevent fungal disease, water late morning or early afternoon so the sun will quickly dry the leaves and stems.  If you must water on cool, cloudy days, wet the soil below the plants, IE. try to keep the leaves dry.

Seed Collecting:
Open Pollinated.  Manually pollinate unopened flowers and then bag with spun bonded row cover material to prevent crossing with other varieties.  Seed will come true if crossing is prevented.

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