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The goal of this site is to provide clear step-by-step how-to information on homesteading topics such as backyard chickens or starting peppers from seed.  At Everfield, we also evaluate hundreds of tomato, pepper, cucumber and blueberry varieties by collecting data on productivity, disease resistance, flavor, etc..  It is our sincere wish that the information we provide will help you succeed at whatever you want to do with your own piece of heaven.

How to Grow...






We test different gardening methods and pruning techniques.  Then share this information with you.

Want to start your own seedlings?  We are hip deep in tomato and pepper seedlings every spring and tell you how to do it.

Homestead garding is often on a pretty large scale as you may want to put up enough salsa or pickles to last a year or more.  Large gardens can be hard to manage.  We discuss the techniques we use to reduce the time required.




Predator Protection

Reducing Fighting

Are you thinking of starting your own flock of backyard chickens or getting one or two as pets?  Then check out our chicken pages.  Chickens are simpler, safer and cheaper then most other livestock.  The eggs taste amazing and they completely wiped out our Japanese beetle problem!  Are you having a problem with the flock you have?  We’d like to help.  Currently we have information on buying chickens, raising them, protecting them from predators and reducing fighting.

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